Wait, Rewind! Artist Interview for The Frontier Project

Earlier this year, I participated in an email interview as part of a project for The Frontier, one of many mini-projects for the 15 year anniversary project for The Charolotte Street Foundation, one of KC’s powerhouse arts organizations. The multi-faceted celebration considered the history and future of artist-driven pioneering in Kansas City and the changing nature of the city’s “frontiers” by asking artists to submit all kinds of projects. One project selected, Frontier: Momentum and Trajectory, was a retrospective of artists who had been through the Urban Culture Project (UCP) studio residency program.

        P1080048        _________________________________________________Studio Resident Blog

But after my interview, I didn’t hear anything. I looked a few times on the website, but didn’t see anything. I apparently didn’t look well enough and totally missed it!

While my residency was a few years ago, I looked at it from the perspective of how it informs my work today.  Here’s the interview.

Here’s the project, Frontier: Momentum and Trajectorywith video slideshow and more artist interviews.

Better late than never. Enjoy.

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