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Artist Statement

I consider my all my work to be works in lace. I mean this sculpturally, abstractly and materially, whether I combine lace fabric with resin to create dimensional sculpture or write layer upon layer of cursive text to create portraiture with a lace-like effect or use a sewing machine as a drawing tool to stitch pictorial lace. In its construction, I see more than kitsch doilies or superficial decoration. Its construction represents countless individual threads intertwined to create interdependent networks with the nuance of connection shaping endless possibilities of pattern. As broad as this cultural metaphor might be, lace also represents the intimate and delicate, as well as the domestic and historic traditions in handcraft.

My work has always been grounded in this nature of dichotomy and the oscillating exchange that occurs by combining dissimilar media and processes is an expression of the desire for and in search of balance in body, mind, and action.

Artist Biography

When Rachelle Gardner-Roe was five years old, if you had asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, the answer would have been unequivocal. Artist. She would later earn a degree in the practical arts, specifically Interior Architecture, and as the need to make with her own two hands would not be quieted, she began her career as a woodworking and design apprentice. Inevitably drawn back to the fine arts, she works in mixed media  with a focus in textiles.  Her current body of work utilizes unique methods of working with lace to create both detailed thread drawings as well as dynamic sculpture.

Gardner-Roe’s work has been included in international exhibitions and she continues to exhibit nationally, as well as contribute to public projects. She has been awarded grants and residencies that created opportunities such as exploring installation in the urban environment, studying experimental processes at a national art center, and engaging in theoretical research and development of signature techniques. She has exhibited regionally and nationally, including The Mulvane Art Museum, The Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, The Leedy-Voulkos Art Center and The Chautauqua Institution, among others. Gardner-Roe lives and works in the greater metropolitan area of Kansas City, MO.