Lace Sculpture

I work in lace. I mean this literally, sculpturally, and abstractly, whether I use a sewing machine as a drawing tool to stitch pictorial lace, combine lace fabric with resin to create dimensional sculpture, or write layer upon layer of cursive text to create imagery with a lace-like effect. Lace represents individual threads intertwined to create interdependent networks with the nuance of connection shaping endless possibilities of pattern. Lace also represents the intimate and delicate, as well as domestic and historic traditions in handcraft and I am interested in using lace to recontextualize notions of “women’s work.”

My work has always been grounded in dichotomy, of taking things do not seem to belong and searching for equilibrium. Whether that dichotomy is a function of historical craft versus contemporary methods, the written word versus visual form or the domestic versus the industrial, finding balance is essential. My interest in the exploration of consciousness and perception also often comes into play.