Wait, Rewind! Artist Interview for The Frontier Project

Earlier this year, I participated in an email interview as part of a project for The Frontier, one of many mini-projects for the 15 year anniversary project for The Charolotte Street Foundation, one of KC’s powerhouse arts organizations. The multi-faceted celebration considered the history and future of artist-driven pioneering in Kansas City and the changing nature of the city’s “frontiers” by asking artists to submit all kinds of projects. One project selected, Frontier: Momentum and Trajectory, was a retrospective of artists who had been through the Urban Culture Project (UCP) studio residency program.

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But after my interview, I didn’t hear anything. I looked a few times on the website, but didn’t see anything. I apparently didn’t look well enough and totally missed it!

While my residency was a few years ago, I looked at it from the perspective of how it informs my work today.  Here’s the interview.

Here’s the project, Frontier: Momentum and Trajectorywith video slideshow and more artist interviews.

Better late than never. Enjoy.

Artist, Inc.

Some of you may or may not know, I am currently a participant in a Professional Development Seminar for artists called Artist, Inc., a collaboration between the Metro Arts Council, The Charlotte Street Foundation, and partially funded through Link. It’s an eight week seminar and I go every Monday night. Last night was the second night.

To artists: I already can’t recommend it enough. It’s 2/3 subsidized, so you do have to pay a fee. There’s also a good deal of “homework.” But totally worth it. Feel free to ask me more questions any time.
To everyone else: This kind of program is exactly what serious artists need. If you want to support local artists in other ways that purchasing art, supporting organizations like The Arts Council, Charlotte Street, and the Artists Coalition are a great place to look. The people at these organizations are incredibly dedicated and the programs they create and offer bring concrete value to the arts community in KC.

Ok, now down to the farm with me to install some doors! I got the frames built and doors trimmed last week. Here’s hoping I lay the smack down.