PORTAL Closing Reception

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Come see the final iteration of the textile exhibition PORTAL. It has been changing every week as more elements are added.

Closing Reception: Saturday, November 30th, 3-5PM
Leedy-Voulkos Art Center, 2012 Baltimore Ave., KCMO

Following closely on an exhibition of sculpture, the artist returns to the textile by utilizing the sewing machine as a drawing tool. In PORTAL, Gardner-Roe infuses her method of lace making with a notable addition. Trapped between the threads is a thin layer of hand-dyed wool from the Gardner farm. Following many hundreds of hours of sewing, the resultant riotous color celebrates both beauty and decay and creates a portal into the artist’s memories of a rural upbringing.

This melding of historical handcraft, contemporary textile practice, and Midwestern regionalism will change over time as new elements are added each week, allowing these “memory portals” to change, grow and spread.  In acknowledgement of memory’s mutability, the viewer’s memory of the work may differ from others, as it will be determined by when in time the work is experienced. As circles represent notions of wholeness across cultures, the dome forms contain a multitude of individual fragments, coming together to make a perhaps imperfect, yet complete whole.

Memory Portal No. 1_m_Rachelle Gardner-Roe
Portal No. 1 / Thread, hand-dyed wool, silk on sculpted foam / 28 x 38.5 x 6″


Show image 3m_Portal_Leedy-Voulkos_Rachelle Gardner-Roe




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