Phoenix Rising (in form of new studio)

Some of you may recall that I lost my art studio to an electrical fire back in December. ūüė¶¬† The smoke damage was worse than the fire itself!

fire 1

Fast forward a few months, and things have turned around. I’ve found a new studio space that will double as a small gallery for my work. It will take months of remodeling to make this happen, but I’m excited to get going. Just south of Rockhurst University and UMKC, I’m joining a mini-enclave of artists who are trying to bring more arts to the local community. Studio RM Gardner is located at: 1017 E. 55th St. Kansas City, MO 64110

before pic

Before Pic (I’d love to show the after, but it’s going to take a while).

If you’re in the KC area, I will be open for Second Fridays (6-9pm) throughout the construction.¬† And yes, I am working there in the meantime. Here are some detail shots of the textile quilt collage (Quillage anyone?) work I’ve been doing in the last few months.

text inter 1Detail text inter 2Detail text inter 3


Texture Plus Textiles Equal Delicious – The Interdependency Series

A highlight of a recently crummy day, I discovered that my donation to the 2012 UrbanSuburban was sold well before the upcoming auction on Oct. 27th (pleasantly, by a couple who already own a piece of mine). The icing on the cake? The textile collage I donated also made it onto the cover of the exhibition catalog (viewable online at the link above).

As a few of the pieces in this series have traveled to exhibitions across the US, I thought I would present them as a whole. They are fun, spontaneous and give me the chance to throw a little ceramics into the mix. Unlike most of my work, they are not planned out in advance, so each design decision is made on the go, dependent on the other spontaneous decisions and mix of materials I have on hand. Thus, the Interdependency Series.

¬†Odds & Evens (#1) – 8×10″ – cotton, silk, netting, thread, porcelain, glass beads, acrylic

¬† Interdependency #2 –¬†8×10″ – organza, cotton, cheesecloth, silk, thread, porcelain, glass & crystal beads, acrylic

textile collageInterdependency #3 – 8×10 – cotton, silk, vintage lace, cheesecloth, metal, wooden & glass beads, thread, acrylic

textile collage¬†Interdependency #4 – 8×10 – organza, silk, cheesecloth, cotton, thread, porcelain, seeds, glass beads, acrylic

¬†Interdependency #5 – 8×10 – UrbanSuburban Donation – SOLD – silk, hand felted Shetland wool, thread, raku fired porcelain, seeds, glass beads, acrylic

¬†Interdependency #6 – 8×10″ – silk, shibori hand-dyed cotton, raku fired porcelain, gladd beads, acrylic

¬†Caviar Max – 8×10 – silk, cotton, thread, raku fired porcelain, glass beads, acrylic

Caviar Mini¬†– 8×10″ – upholstery, silk, thread, raku fired porcelain, glass beads, acrylic

Considering the variety and quality of materials, they are very reasonably priced at $175 a piece. I am hungry to do a larger series of these, but I’m focusing on the cast lace at the moment, so it will have to wait until next year!

Which one is your favorite? I want to know!

On to Arkansas: Interdependencies to Exhibit in the South

textile collage

Racking it up state by state.

Interdependency #3 & Interdependency #4 were accepted into the 2012 Annual Juried Art Competition at the South Arkansas Arts Center in El Dorado, AR. The exhibition will run from July 6 Р31, 2012.

textile collage
Interdependency # 3 : cotton lace, silk, cheesecloth, thread, wood & glass beads, metal, acrylic paint


textile collage

Interdependency # 4: silk, cotton, cheesecloth, thread, raku-fired porcelain, seeds, acrylic paint

These were fun, intuitive pieces to do. I allowed them to grow into what they wanted to be, which can be a challenge for my brain that is usually shouting, “Plan, Plan, Plan!” at the top of its mental lungs. I also used the opportunity to use some of porcelain buttons I had made quite a while ago and had been yearning to find a good use for.