Study in acrylic

Sketch in acrylic - interpretation of celosia, aka. coxcomb

Haven’t posted in a while, so I thought I’d post a little acrylic sketch I did last night. I think it’s a little fuzzy being taken from my phone, but I still like it. I’m starting to work on pieces for my show in April at the Lyric Opera House, so this was a study for a small piece I hope to start this weekend. It’s in acrylic rather than my usual colored pencil. Though I usually meticulously plan things out and don’t really like to paint, it was really satisfying.

I’m using Golden Open Acrylics, a newish product with a very long working time in comparison to traditional acrylics. I got a free CD from Golden through American Artist’s Artist Daily newsletter and was easily swayed. Solves what I didn’t like about acrylics without having to work with smelly oil paints that require solvents (I’m not knocking the value of oils as a medium, but it’s just not for me). It’s really versatile stuff. In fact, I need to buy an off-white color today. The finished piece will hopefully be a diptych, with a second panel of embellished & stitched silk. The titanium white here just doesn’t mesh with the natural white of silk.

Sketches & Making Messes

Okay, here are some pics of two drawings I’m working on off & on. The berries are 9×12; the boat 16×12.

Also, I’ve begun the long, long process of creating a sculpture installation for the fall. So here are first pics of my first attempt at pouring plaster. Good lord, that was a mess. There were a few moments of chaos, but it worked out.

The picture below is of retaining walls of aluminum flashing I made to create long cylinders of plaster in various sizes. I’ll put these on my lathe down at the farm and turn them into specific shapes (I’m just praying that they’re not too heavy, which is a complete possibility). They will then be prototypes that I use to make plaster molds. I’ll then slip cast the ceramic pieces using the molds. So, yes, a long, long process and mind you, I haven’t done this before. And this is all for _one_ set of elements in the installation. So, very quickly, this is going to get confusing. So for clarification, I call the pieces I’m working on now “Corals.”

Anyways, I plan on painting all day Friday, so I should have an update on the painting I’m thinking of naming “Every Woman a Widow.” Be good, give all moms hugs this weekend and I’ll explain the meaning next week. 🙂