Work in progress – acrylic painting

Remember the acrylic study? Well, I attemped one painting, didn’t like the composition, so this is attempt #2. Still loving the Golden Open Acrylics and I use a lot of the Open Gel Medium and Open Thinner (rather than water, which just speeds up the drying).

Anyways, this still needs some tweaking, but this is the first layer. The current plan is for this to be one panel of a diptych. I’ve done a test for the second panel, which will consist of silk, thread, and maybe some other goodies. Hopefully, I’ll get to it within a week or two.

The meaning has developed as I’ve worked on it, but I’ll keep that under wraps until it’s closer to completion.

acrylic interpretation of celosia

Been working a lot this week on the silk yoyo piece, felting many a tendril, and the threaded vessel, stitching and beading. Definitely an update on that one soon! I’m really happy with how it’s coming along.

Work in Progress – morning drawing

Here’s the start of a new drawing I’m working on in the mornings. The shiny surface that you see is a layer of masking to help protect the black background while I’m working. “Riff” is the working title, though that may change. I went to a jazz concert at the Folly Theater about two weeks ago and sometimes these shapes look like jazz to me.

Riff (working title): colored pencil on illustration board

Ze Studio & Work in Progress

Well, I am moved into the new studio and happily working away. However, I’m going to have to get a schedule of when things are going on at the Sprint Center. Bon Jovi was in town again last night and I gave up looking for parking and went home. Anyways, here’ s a pic of the new place. I’m at the front of the building so I get lots of street traffic, which is cool.

Also, here’s a few pics of a new piece I’ve started. I haven’t finished the first layer yet, but hopefully I’ll get oily goodness over the whole thing in the next few days. 🙂 Struggling with a name for this one still…