Finished Work – Inextricable (wall hanging vessel)



I do like this fella. He was certainly a pain before I got smart enough to build a stand so I could leave it in one position while I worked. A pain like this (and worse).


The next version, which I just started Friday morning, should go more smoothly.

The process itself was simple, but pretty time-consuming. Also, found a good use for some of my half-podbaby pit-fired shells I have laying around.

 The meaning is pretty self-explanatory. The farther we go, the more tangled things become, for better or worse, until you wake up and can’t figure out where, when, how something started or ended and you can’t seem to do much about it. I suppose that’s not a very optimistic outlook, just thoughts in my head as I made all these tangled paths of thread.

Materials: Slip cast earthenware, rayon (Sulky) thread, glass beads


To see images of the piece in progress, check out this earlier post.

Work in progress – “Fu Man Chu” vessel

I posted the first step in this piece, so here is the before and after what that same threaded section looks like now, filled in.

I had planned on making the stitching really thick, so you couldn’t see any of the black underneath, but then I got to like the little bits of black peeking through. The tape is protecting the edges from getting scratched by the needle. And below, while there is still much work to do, you can see where I’m headed, with the hanging strings (each has a bead on the end).

It is a slow process tying each bead on, and everything likes to tangle! I’ve actually done more work since I took this picture, and the finished result will be posted within a week, I think.