New Work and Process: Seeing the Signs

Seeing the Signs
cotton (Gütermann) thread, hand dyed Shetland & Angora wool
49 x 36 x 1/16″


This technically is quilting. Will it keep you warm at night? Nope. Well, maybe you could wrap each one around various limbs, but that wouldn’t get my vote. But still, it’s basically quilting, promise. Using free-motion embroidery on a quilt “sandwich” is the basic formula for a quilt.  I’ve even used the traditional wool batting, or meat layer of the sandwich if you will, that they would have used in olden days. Granted, my Shetland wool is hand dyed hot pink and ok, a little non-traditionally, I’ve thrown in some angora (uber fluffy bunny fur) for accent. To top it off, the pieces are lightly hand-felted.

And here’s how…


After felting and rinsing, they are left to drip-dry overnight or until we need to take a shower. 🙂

Oh, and why hot pink, you say? Why not hot pink, I say. I see these as sign posts or markers or some kind so a color that says “pay attention” was needed. Also. there are tons of little eyes one each one (at least, that’s what I see). This piece has something to do with the ability or inability to really see what’s in front of you and what’s coming, not just visually but psychologically, emotionally, etc.

Process – Using Embellisher to Texturize Silk

A toy on loan from the farm that I’m just now really getting to use, an embellisher is a needle felting machine. It looks just like a sewing machine, except instead of sewing needles, you guessed it, there are felting needles. I played around with some samples and here is the configuration I’m using for the base fabric created below. Like any quilter would do, I am using a “sandwich.” My sandwich consists of: base layer of commercial felt, low loft fusible batting (fused only to felt layer), and silk (from Dharma Trading Co.)

Running the fabric in parallel vertical rows, I keep a somewhat slow, steady pace as it’s easy to over do it.


This a sample I was playing with with some of the stitched details added.

Here is somewhat of a detail of the texturized fabric. It’s very difficult to photograph this shiny silk, but the texture is wonderful in person! This is now the base fabric for an all-white piece that may or may not complement the acrylic painting in progress. Won’t know til everything is done and I can see how it all looks. They might not work together at all!