Fabric Sample #1 from Surface Design class at KC Art Institute

dying technique of Japanese shibori on rayon


Some of you may or may not know, I am taking a 6-wk surface design course at the Art Institute. The class focuses on dying techniques for cellulose fibers, which opens up new techniques and processes for me as thus far, I’ve only dyed protein fibers (i.e. wool). The sample here was my first attempt at a certain type of Japanese shibori using a nylon rope to resist the dye. The result was not what I was going for, but I still like the landscape effect it produced. Sometimes, you just don’t know what you’re going to get. Fun stuff! I’ll be posting more samples…

Boley Sketch from Monster Drawing Rally

Boley Monster Rally Sketch
Boley Monster Drawing Rally Sketch to benefit Newhouse Womens Shelter

This 8.5 x 11″ sketch was the 1-hr trial run the night before the drawing rally, so the second and final version was definitely cleaner. Timed drawing is not my comfort zone, as I’m a pretty leisurely drawer, perhaps too leisurely…

In any case, if you’re pretty familiar with my work, you might guess that I’m a bit in love with the Boley Building downtown, as I’ve drawn its details a few times. I chalk it up to the fact that its primary detail so resembles a form I was drawing before I ever saw it, so adding the architectural elements to the berries was pretty natural.

It might all just go back to picking so many blueberries on the farm as a kid. I’m a bit fanatical about it now…

Rally Wrap-up

So the Monster Drawing Rally sounded like a fun concept, and it was. It was more of a pressure-situation than I’m used to, as I am not a particularly fast drawer, but it was good.
The Arts Incubator on a First Friday was packed as usual, and here is a link to some pics. And yes, I was the only artist to bring her own lighting. Anal or just prepared, it’s up for debate. I felt rather goofy brining it out, but I was drawing on black and it helped immensely!

I did a trial run the night before, so I’ll post an image of that later tonight.

Monster Drawing Rally

This Friday, March 5th, I will be a contributing artist for a Monster Drawing Rally at the Arts Incubator organized by Women in Design Kansas City. Along with many other artists, I will be drawing live for one hour and the results will be auctioned to benefit the Newhouse Womans Shelter. See the poster for details. I will be laying pretty low this year, exploring a lot of new work, so this will be one of the few opportunities to see me out and about, arting it up. I almost never draw live in public, but I’m sure it will be fun. Hope to see you out!

WIDKC Monster Drawing Rally poster

Event Summary for Monster Drawing Rally:

Date: March 5th, 2010

Time: 6:30pm happy hour begins 

7:00pm drawing begins

7:30pm pre-silent auction begins for donated artwork

8:00pm drawing ends and silent auction begins

9:00pm silent auction closes & winners are announced (bidders must be present to win!)

We will accept cash, check or credit card payments.

Raffle: Will occur periodically throughout the night

Tickets can be purchased for $1 or a used cell phone can be exchanged for two changes to win

Cost: Admission is free to the public. Art will be purchased in a silent auction.

Location: Arts Incubator Loft Space – 115 W. 18th St. KC, MO 64108

Music: provided by Sounds Fantastic

Photography: provided by Rick Milone

Wine: provided by Heredad Ugarte USA

Food: provided by Women in Design

Artist, Inc.

Some of you may or may not know, I am currently a participant in a Professional Development Seminar for artists called Artist, Inc., a collaboration between the Metro Arts Council, The Charlotte Street Foundation, and partially funded through Link. It’s an eight week seminar and I go every Monday night. Last night was the second night.

To artists: I already can’t recommend it enough. It’s 2/3 subsidized, so you do have to pay a fee. There’s also a good deal of “homework.” But totally worth it. Feel free to ask me more questions any time.
To everyone else: This kind of program is exactly what serious artists need. If you want to support local artists in other ways that purchasing art, supporting organizations like The Arts Council, Charlotte Street, and the Artists Coalition are a great place to look. The people at these organizations are incredibly dedicated and the programs they create and offer bring concrete value to the arts community in KC.

Ok, now down to the farm with me to install some doors! I got the frames built and doors trimmed last week. Here’s hoping I lay the smack down.

Last Open Studios Tonight!

My last open studio at the Bonfils is tonight! I’ll have a variety of work on display, old and new, all recession-priced. Partnership Studios will also be having open studios, and The Paragraph Gallery will be opening the new show that night as well. All within walking distance…come see!

Bonfils Artist Studios
125 E. 12th St.

Friday, April 17th
6-9 pm

Here’s a few new drawings I’ll have up…


Just Before the First Touch
The Bee Hive Ain't for Everybody
Be the Tango