New Work and Process: Seeing the Signs

Seeing the Signs
cotton (Gütermann) thread, hand dyed Shetland & Angora wool
49 x 36 x 1/16″


This technically is quilting. Will it keep you warm at night? Nope. Well, maybe you could wrap each one around various limbs, but that wouldn’t get my vote. But still, it’s basically quilting, promise. Using free-motion embroidery on a quilt “sandwich” is the basic formula for a quilt.  I’ve even used the traditional wool batting, or meat layer of the sandwich if you will, that they would have used in olden days. Granted, my Shetland wool is hand dyed hot pink and ok, a little non-traditionally, I’ve thrown in some angora (uber fluffy bunny fur) for accent. To top it off, the pieces are lightly hand-felted.

And here’s how…


After felting and rinsing, they are left to drip-dry overnight or until we need to take a shower. 🙂

Oh, and why hot pink, you say? Why not hot pink, I say. I see these as sign posts or markers or some kind so a color that says “pay attention” was needed. Also. there are tons of little eyes one each one (at least, that’s what I see). This piece has something to do with the ability or inability to really see what’s in front of you and what’s coming, not just visually but psychologically, emotionally, etc.

Twas a crafty Christmas – felted and stitched bracelets

The idea for felted bangles was not my own. I saw them in Felt Jewelry: 25 Pieces to Make Using a Variety of Simple Felting Techniques and thought it would be a simple, but fun present to make. You simply felt a smallish area of wool and cut out the shape you need. But then I had the leftover cutouts for the wrists and I hate waste. Since I was working with somewhat contrasting colors, I used the waste as linear details. Made it more time consuming, but it made it more my own and added a nice detail. Wanting to play with variation, I purposefully made them slightly different shapes and sizes. Need to work on the cleanliness of my machine stitching, but that will come with practice.

Wet felted merino wool, stitched
wet felted shetland and merino wools, stitched

Glacial – Felt/Ceramic Wall Hanging

I finished this in October, but I’ve been bad at blogging lately. I’ve been having problems getting accurate photographs of the fiber work.

The main section of Glacial features natural colored fleeces from the farm, wet-felted. The “buttons” are pit-fired earthenware with amorphous, needle-felted wool attached to each. It is backed with a commercial felt fabric (ie., not craft felt) to hang on a wall. It’s about 18-20″ across.

Glacial wall hanging
Natural colors in Shetland wool
Glacial wallhanging detail
Pit-fired buttons with amorphous wool "nubs" (I don't really know what to call them).