Pause After Pause – finished drawing

image of Pause After Pause
Pause After Pause - colored pencil on paper - 2010

This piece is made of two seperate drawings (scroll down to an earlier progress post and you will see). 


And here is a detail shot …

image of Pause After Pause detail
Pause After Pause detail

Not a wordsmith today. Here’s a little free association about what I’m thinking about here:  staccato motion, constant interuption, inability to move forward or move smoothly forward, one thing leads to another.


Drawing in Progress – “Pause after Pause”

Pause after Pause - layer 2___________________________________________________________________________________________________

This is a drawing I work on for 10 or 15 minutes every morning before work. Once completed, the two pieces of paper will be side by side to fom one longer piece. This the seond color layer almost finished, with the bottom two “commas” on the left hand side to be completed.  Several layers more layers will be added. The finished drawing will be 7″h x 23″W.