Work in Progress – untitled vessel

To take a break from the bookmarks and to show you something I am actually working on, here is one of my wall hanging vessels from a few years back that I am redoing. This is the first stage: threading. We’ll see how much layering I’ll do. You can see I’m starting to build a decent thickness in the upper right of the detail shot. The string hanging down has the needle on it right now, but in the end there will be many strings hanging down like that with seed beads on the ends. So goes the idea at the moment. It’s a good piece to work on late at night when I’m too tired to really think and when I’m finished for the night, I just hang it back on the wall!

slow going - rayon thread on slip cast earthenwarebuilding up the layers
building up layers

Drawing in Progress – “Pause after Pause”

Pause after Pause - layer 2___________________________________________________________________________________________________

This is a drawing I work on for 10 or 15 minutes every morning before work. Once completed, the two pieces of paper will be side by side to fom one longer piece. This the seond color layer almost finished, with the bottom two “commas” on the left hand side to be completed.  Several layers more layers will be added. The finished drawing will be 7″h x 23″W.

Work in Progress – Berry Pods on Branch

felt balls!
that's a lot of felt balls


Step 1: Spend way too much time making felt balls. — Oddly enough, it’s a soothing exercise. When I was too tired to do anything, let alone think, I could still make felt balls (which involves a very sharp instrument, so don’t discount it completely).

berries in their pods

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Step 2: Make pod shells   – sadly, I have a disgraceful camera, so these are more dark reddish purple than what you see here.

Step 3: Sew felt balls into pods.

Step 4: Realize it needs something more.

Step 5 (WILL BE) to create an approx. 5′ abstracted branch form from cherry ply, so the composition you see here will not be the final layout. It will be much more stretched out. Or so I think…