Here’s a fun little new guy. This was made by needle felting. It’s a very simple process. You take loose bits of fleece, lay it on something like a pillow or foam, and stab at it with a felting needle, which is rather large, barbed, and extremely sharp. You really just stab things into shape. How often can you say that?

needle felted peapod
needle felted peapod
needle felted peapod of hand dyed fleece
needle felted peapod of hand dyed fleece
for a sense of scale
for a sense of scale

Fleece courtesy of my mother, which she hand dyed, naturally.  🙂

Le Dining Room ala Gardner

Dining Room ltl

Now, my mother must take credit for the majority of this space. I guess you could call me the design consultant. After all, I did convince her to get the authentic Knoll chairs from K.C.’s Retro Inferno. I refinished the fiberglass shells in a satin eggshell and we had them reupholstered at Kansas City Upholstery using genuine Knoll fabric, naturally. The dining table is the Cross Extension Table from DWR.
Dining Room______________________________________________________

Artist, Inc.

Some of you may or may not know, I am currently a participant in a Professional Development Seminar for artists called Artist, Inc., a collaboration between the Metro Arts Council, The Charlotte Street Foundation, and partially funded through Link. It’s an eight week seminar and I go every Monday night. Last night was the second night.

To artists: I already can’t recommend it enough. It’s 2/3 subsidized, so you do have to pay a fee. There’s also a good deal of “homework.” But totally worth it. Feel free to ask me more questions any time.
To everyone else: This kind of program is exactly what serious artists need. If you want to support local artists in other ways that purchasing art, supporting organizations like The Arts Council, Charlotte Street, and the Artists Coalition are a great place to look. The people at these organizations are incredibly dedicated and the programs they create and offer bring concrete value to the arts community in KC.

Ok, now down to the farm with me to install some doors! I got the frames built and doors trimmed last week. Here’s hoping I lay the smack down.

Not Artwork, per se, but Definitely Work!

I’ve taken on a bit of a remodeling project down at the family homestead. So I thought I’d show people what I’ve been up to. I do have a bit of new work to post, but the pictures didn’t turn out well, so I’ll have to try again later.

So, I started out installing some lighting fixtures, a chandelier, a ceiling fan, and building a recessed light box in the hallway where the stairs to the attic used to be. I don’t have good pics of everything I’ve worked on, but here’s a few…

chandelier out of box
Chandelier, almost fully assembled
chandelier now above the dining table
chandelier now above the dining table
on the roof, installing a tubular skylight to get some natural light into the central bathroom
on the roof, installing a tubular skylight to get some natural light into the central bathroom

the hole left by where the attic stairs used to be was to be turned into a sort of recessed light box
the hole left by where the attic stairs used to be was to be turned into a sort of recessed light box


with saucer lights installed
with saucer lights installed

once the lights were installed, we were inspired to redo the hallway
once the lights were installed, we were inspired to redo the hallway

hallways torn up

So, I scraped all the “cottage cheese” off the ceiling, which was no fun. All the 70s wall paneling came down. All the doors are being replaced with new birch doors, and I’m in the process right now of making new door frames. You can see that the casing and framing has been removed on the door on the left (my old room). I’m heading back down to the farm today, so I should have some progress pics when I get back in town.

Didn’t know if people would be interested, but I thought I’d let you know that I’m always up to something!

Last Open Studios Tonight!

My last open studio at the Bonfils is tonight! I’ll have a variety of work on display, old and new, all recession-priced. Partnership Studios will also be having open studios, and The Paragraph Gallery will be opening the new show that night as well. All within walking distance…come see!

Bonfils Artist Studios
125 E. 12th St.

Friday, April 17th
6-9 pm

Here’s a few new drawings I’ll have up…


Just Before the First Touch
The Bee Hive Ain't for Everybody
Be the Tango


The Exchange – Urban Culture Projects Studio Artists Talk

The Exchange
artists’ talk & discussion
@ The Paragraph Gallery & Project Space
21 – 23 E 12th KCMO
Saturday, March 28, High Noon

Please join me for a discussion of the work in “Eyes of the World,” the group show featuring Urban Culture Project studio artists. This will be an open format talk between the artists and the public, as audience participation is welcome. The show closes on April 4th, so don’t miss this unique chance to see the work and talk with the artists.

Hope to see you there!

EYES OF THE WORLD – Third Friday Night of Performance

My studio group show is having a Third Friday Opening featuring performance art.

Facebook Event Info
–that’s my piece back in the corner of the event photo

I’ll periodically be doing my – little – performance and there will be other performances & activities. Free smoothies!

Friday, March 20, 2009
6:00pm – 9:00pm

Paragraph + Project Space
21 – 23 E 12th
Kansas City, MO

Third Friday Double Receptions

It’s going to be a busy Friday…

Through the Now Showing Program, I’m currently showing at the Arts Council. A reception will coincide with the introduction of the new Executive Director on…

Friday, February 20, 4-6 pm
906 Grand, Suite 10B (take elevator to 10th floor)

I’ll be exhibiting drawing and sculpture. The Arts Council provided the Inspiration Grant that helped me to create the Dreamscapes installations last fall.
In the Spotlight Newsletter
(scroll down to third entry)

and then I”ll be hurrying off to:

Eyes of the World
Urban Culture Project Studio Residents Focus Exhibition
Opening Reception (Facebook Link)
Friday, February 20, 6-9 pm
Paragraph Gallery + Project Space
21-23 E. 12th St. KCMO

I’ll be be exhibiting an installation titled “False Idols” and doing a small performance, which will probably prove to be a bit nerve-wracking for me since there will be such a crowd. Though it’s using pieces that many of you have seen before, it’s rather a different kind of work for me. It’s a bit darker and more ironic than my usual style, a sort of self-criticism actually. I’ve been grappling with it in the gallery since the weekend, and I’ll be putting on (hopefully) the finishing touches today.

In any case, I hope you can make it out. The openings are actually within walking distance of each other!

Thanks to everyone!