Texture Plus Textiles Equal Delicious – The Interdependency Series

A highlight of a recently crummy day, I discovered that my donation to the 2012 UrbanSuburban was sold well before the upcoming auction on Oct. 27th (pleasantly, by a couple who already own a piece of mine). The icing on the cake? The textile collage I donated also made it onto the cover of the exhibition catalog (viewable online at the link above).

As a few of the pieces in this series have traveled to exhibitions across the US, I thought I would present them as a whole. They are fun, spontaneous and give me the chance to throw a little ceramics into the mix. Unlike most of my work, they are not planned out in advance, so each design decision is made on the go, dependent on the other spontaneous decisions and mix of materials I have on hand. Thus, the Interdependency Series.

 Odds & Evens (#1) – 8×10″ – cotton, silk, netting, thread, porcelain, glass beads, acrylic

  Interdependency #2 – 8×10″ – organza, cotton, cheesecloth, silk, thread, porcelain, glass & crystal beads, acrylic

textile collageInterdependency #3 – 8×10 – cotton, silk, vintage lace, cheesecloth, metal, wooden & glass beads, thread, acrylic

textile collage Interdependency #4 – 8×10 – organza, silk, cheesecloth, cotton, thread, porcelain, seeds, glass beads, acrylic

 Interdependency #5 – 8×10 – UrbanSuburban Donation – SOLD – silk, hand felted Shetland wool, thread, raku fired porcelain, seeds, glass beads, acrylic

 Interdependency #6 – 8×10″ – silk, shibori hand-dyed cotton, raku fired porcelain, gladd beads, acrylic

 Caviar Max – 8×10 – silk, cotton, thread, raku fired porcelain, glass beads, acrylic

Caviar Mini – 8×10″ – upholstery, silk, thread, raku fired porcelain, glass beads, acrylic

Considering the variety and quality of materials, they are very reasonably priced at $175 a piece. I am hungry to do a larger series of these, but I’m focusing on the cast lace at the moment, so it will have to wait until next year!

Which one is your favorite? I want to know!

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