LAST Day to Make Lace Sculpture Happen! Every Bit Counts!

Today is the day. Down to the wire.

I have until 11:59 tonight to raise $355 for my lace sculpture project on Kickstarter or it will not receive any funds. That is the nature of Kickstarter and it is to ensure that your pledges go towards the full project as you were promised.

As I’m finishing up the last lace samples to test the casting process, I hope you will check out the project, join the project’s backers in whatever way you can, and share this with whomever might be interested in the project. Enough people making even $5 or $10 pledges can make this happen!

Without funding, I will have to subsidize this phase of the project with funds intended for  a dedicated studio, needed due to the scale and technique of casting. This means I will know HOW to make the work, but won’t be able to actually make it!

One day you could walk into an exhibition and know that YOU were a part of making it a reality; YOU made it possible (and if there is a program or catalog, you will receive credit for it). The end goal is to bring full scale, lace sculpture exhibitions to local and regional art centers. This is the first step to getting there,  but only if we can bring other people along and raise $355 by tonight!

Pledge to the Aspen Adventure: Casting Lace Sculpture

I hope my next post includes a massive, grinning from ear to ear thank you.

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