Last Week for the Aspen Adventure!

Last Week for The Aspen Adventure on Kickstarter!

We are in the final week for fundraising for The Aspen Adventure – Casting Lace Sculpture! At this point, the project is 43% funded with only a few days left to reach the $1000 goal. Kickstarter is an all or nothing fundraising platform (for good reason), so unless the $1000 mark is reached by the end of Friday, no funds will go towards the project.

What happens then? Well, I will still learn how to cast lace sculpture, but won’t actually be able to make it. This process will require a dedicated studio space when I return from the Arts Center, and I’ve already found the right space at a great price. Without the Kickstarter funding, the project will have to be subsidized by the studio budget.

You’re contribution, no matter how small, has a direct and significant impact on the outcome of this project. So, I’m busy preparing lace samples for testing, such as the lace/felt combo you see above. I’d love it if you could share this with one other person who might not know about the project otherwise!

Few of us are in the position of being major donors to projects like the Kauffman Center or large museums. Here you can be a significant donor to something smaller, but unique. Your contribution will be meaningful in taking sculpture in a new and unique direction.

Here are some images of a few of the rewards for your participation that you may not have seen:

New Reward – Tree of Yours framed in black glass – $20 Reward Level

Bad Vibes Filtration Devices ($25 Reward Level)
Hang a Bad Vibes Filtration Device by your door and let it remind you to stop and release some of those bad vibes before you walk out the door. Stitched with symbolic images of objects that transform, cleanse, and are filled with potential energy, such as lotus pods, leaves, nuts and berries.


Blooming ($40 Reward Level) – hand made lace brooch, seen below in “Shimmey.” See Kickstarter Page to view additional color option.

If you haven’t already, please visit my Kickstarter page to see a plethora of lacy rewards, from books marks, prints, and even large textile works!

All support is appreciated, down to the price of a cup of coffee and all supporters will receive credit in the exhibitions that result from this project. We’re in the last few days, so if you’ve been on the fence, now is the time!

View The Aspen Adventure: Casting Lace Sculpture on Kickstarter

I hope you can join me on this journey and see lace in a whole new way.

All the best,
Rachelle Gardner

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