The Aspen Adventure: Let the Kickstarter Begin!

Whew. It is out there in the world. My first little baby of a crowd-sourced fundraising project. For others to decide whether it is worthy or not. Ego? Checked at the door, my friend. Checked at the door.

This is one component of a large lace puzzle. I’ll write more about that puzzle later, but for now let me introduce you to…

The Aspen Adventure: Casting Lace Sculpture

By the time you read this, I will have 16 days or less to raise the funds I need to make this happen. Please (pretty with a cherry on top) take part, share, and revel in the lace goodies I have prepared for you.

I am determined to bring lace sculpture to my city and the cities around me. You can make this happen. And by the way, what I have in mind ain’t your grandma’s lace (nothing against your grandma).

cotton stitched tree on card

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