On to Arkansas: Interdependencies to Exhibit in the South

Racking it up state by state.

Interdependency #3 & Interdependency #4 were accepted into the 2012 Annual Juried Art Competition at the South Arkansas Arts Center in El Dorado, AR. The exhibition will run from July 6 – 31, 2012.

textile collage
Interdependency # 3 : cotton lace, silk, cheesecloth, thread, wood & glass beads, metal, acrylic paint


textile collage

Interdependency # 4: silk, cotton, cheesecloth, thread, raku-fired porcelain, seeds, acrylic paint

These were fun, intuitive pieces to do. I allowed them to grow into what they wanted to be, which can be a challenge for my brain that is usually shouting, “Plan, Plan, Plan!” at the top of its mental lungs. I also used the opportunity to use some of porcelain buttons I had made quite a while ago and had been yearning to find a good use for.

4 Replies to “On to Arkansas: Interdependencies to Exhibit in the South”

  1. Yes! I still have some of the lace dyed in a blue-grey, so it’ll get around some more before all is said and done.

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