Lace Sculpture Test

Last weekend, I dabbled in 3-D lace sculpture. This is to one, be able to show the artist I’ll be studying under in Colorado the type of 3D forms I am thinking of and two, I am starting work on yet another proposal for a potential residency in 2013 and need to show examples of my thought process.  Here’s the result of the first attempt. It’s a wee thing, around seven inches in length, five inches high.

6 Replies to “Lace Sculpture Test”

  1. Thank you! I’d like to do some more research on more complex geometric shapes and pattern-making moving forward. This piece is smallish since it was a test – 7″ long x 3.5 x 3.5″

  2. hello I love your work, was looking for some guidance I wanted to try to make a cast resin chair using lace fabric only. Would you be able to advise on a technique and type of cast resin to use. I tried with various epoxys but it literrarly reacted with the fabrics I used and it burnt the fabric and made it brittle.



    ps is acrylic or polyurethane based casting resn better. I need something as hard as steel and does not shrink

  3. Jean,

    I’ve been working with resin for about seven months, so I’m not sure I can give the best advice for your particular application. I use a number of urethane resins from Smooth-On Inc. They have responsive customer service and should be able to guide you to the best product for your application. Techniques would vary depending on the type of form you’re trying to achieve, so I can’t really comment there, especially since I have not attempted cast furnishings myself, but the simplest example I came across was this chair, as it seems to require a more basic form than the use of more complicated two-or-more part molds. Hope this helps at least a little. Good luck and send a pic if you get a working prototype!

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