First Ever Artwork Giveaway!

Yup. This lacework piece based on Can’t See the Forest for the Tress, (now on display at the Mulvane Art Museum in Topeka, KS), could be yours. For free. For real.

Tree of Mine / 100% cotton thread / 9 x 9″ / 2012

 You can enter the drawing by doing one or more of the following and posting what you did in the comments section :
  1. Subscribe to my blog via email (click Home & see right sidebar), RSS feed, or Google reader.
  2. Like my Facebook Artist Page (NOT my personal facebook page)
  3. Follow me on Twitter
You must make a separate comment below confirming each action you take. Pretty please. This is how I track your entries!

Each action counts as one entry, so do all three, and get three chances to win! Deadline for entries is May 31, 11:59pm, CST. Open to continental US only.

79 Replies to “First Ever Artwork Giveaway!”

  1. Thanks for being the early bird! Maybe I should have a prize for being first. 🙂

  2. Thanks Robert! Been spending a lot of time staring at computer screens lately. 🙂

  3. Hi! This is Dennis and really think I have subscribed to email – but – hope it really worked 🙂 Great page!

  4. Hi Dennis! I can tell someone clicked on my feed, but that’s all I can see (which is why I ask people to leave me comments). If I show up in your reader, then it worked!

  5. I “liked” your facebook page, plus next week I turn 35. I totally deserve this as a present. 😉

  6. That’s right, our birthdays are next week! Except mine this year is on the day we memorialize our dead. Nice. :P. Thanks for liking the page. We need to talk soon!

  7. Yay! I hope the residency is going well and that you’ve found some work-arounds to some some of the obstacles!

  8. Thank you! It was so nice to get some time to talk to you at the workshop. I don’t get to hang out with other artists nearly enough!

  9. Thanks Lindsey! Btw, today I pick up the machine I proposed in my grant. Once again, thanks for your help!

  10. You’re the first one to do all three entries. Love people who mean business! 🙂

  11. I have just subscribed to your blog…and hope to be the lucky winner of this very cool piece of artwork.

  12. And I’m following you on twitter.

    I couldn’t find the “sidebar” to subscribe to the blog, but I do receive email updates from you, which is how I found out about the giveaway.

  13. You’re welcome and yes, we should talk soon! I hope your birthday is fantastic! It’s a great reason to celebrate the living, too. Hugs, & btw, I also followed your twitter. Finally gave me the excuse I was looking for to join up.

  14. Hmm, it’s on the right hand side of the blog post. There’s the RSS feed icon and below that, a place to subscribe to via email. I think you might only be able to view that on the actual blog,, rather than the email I sent out. So, that would be my bad. Since, one, you tried, and two, you’re on my mailing list, I’ll count you at 3 entries. 🙂

  15. Thanks Amber! Yeah, I’ve had the Twitter account for a while, but only recently decided to start using it.

  16. Ahhh, you have be on the blog’s “home” page for that sidebar to show up. Good to know. Thanks for the catch.

  17. And BTW (2), I already had your blog in my RSS feed. 🙂 If we weren’t friends and you didn’t ask us to follow your art, would it be stalking? 😉

  18. I am now following you on igoogle! I am a huge fan of your work and I didn’t know about this contest or I would have done it forever ago. So beautiful!!

  19. Wow, thank you! I love huge fans! 🙂 Yeah, so much gets posted on facebook that it can be so easy to miss things. That’s why I’m trying steer more people to the blog!

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