Mindpool 2012 Juried Exhibition


Mindpool 2012: Where streams of consciousness collect. An exhibit of artwork that was created relying heavily on intuition. When artists allow the element of risk into their creative process, the opportunity for surprise is increased. Sometimes these surprises are called happy accidents.
Juror: Kara Duncan of Vertigo Art Space


My selected piece is titled Thought Splatter. My work is usually planned, planned, planned. So I took this as a little challenge. My intent was to throw down thoughts in the form of threads. I spontaneously stitched a free-form paint splatter and free-motion stitched my stream-of-conscious thoughts onto water soluble stabilizer. Water, of course, dissolved all those thoughts into a undiscernible web.

To attach it to the prepared canvas with a bit of “float” space, I borrowed my boyfriend’s method* of decorating chocolate covered strawberries, ie., I filled a plastic sandwich baggie with molding paste, snipped a corner, and squeezed a thick line along the edges.

*Note: Boyfriend does not advocate using molding paste to decorate strawberries. “Pro tip,” as he would say.

One Reply to “Mindpool 2012 Juried Exhibition”

  1. glad to see a new entry. Congrats on your acceptance to a new show

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