In process – “Boomers” (working title) & completed “Patriarch”

This is basically as early as I can bring you into the process. Here are are the first conceptual sketches in a little notebook I carry around, followed by thumbnail compositional sketches where I’m working out more exact spacing, followed by the first chalk outline on a 30×30 canvas .


Visually, this series loosely references the celosia, or coxcomb flower. My father, an avid if not zealous gardener, gave me seeds from a particular large, beautiful hybrid he had grown and I was able to grow them in my first city-garden and collect seeds for the next year.

So this gives way to the budding conceptual basis of this series, which at this point, is just thinking about some different phrases:  knowledge handed down through generations, the impact of one generation on the next, or generation(in the family context) upon generation (in a creative or generative concext). Concept becomes more defined as I work on a piece, usually.

Boomers is the working title for a few reasons. This may be my version of  a portrait of my parents. I don’t really know that for sure yet, but they are baby boomers. But it may also be one generation and its subsequent offspring, not sure…  However, at a particularly long meeting at work, I was drawing some of these forms over and over. A co-worker noticed and wrote “Boom!”  I guess they looked like mushroom clouds…

Also, I realized I never posted the finished version of an acrylic painting, which I’ve titled Patriarch, so here it is. I consider it a stand alone piece now, rather than part of a diptych.

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