A studio reorganized is a beautiful thing.

There are very few bright sides when one of your best friends moves out of the country. But they are usually trying to get rid of practically everything they own. So when they offer you something that you have been looking for, like tall shelving with casters, at a fantastic price…well, I don’t know if that quite qualifies as a silver lining, but I take what I can get.

So Lark and I spent a day a couple of weekends ago totally reorganizing the drawing studio / office and the difference is huge. So, maybe this doesn’t look organized to you, but to me, it’s a seriously vast improvement. 


I now also have a blank painting/hanging wall, which I really wanted so I could work on bigger pieces upstairs and work standing up. I have a “mess” studio downstairs where I gessoed the panel seen hanging below and do all the ceramic work, but it’s dreary and frankly, a chaotic mess of disaster (And yes, I know who to blame for that).


And yes, that’s the start of a new piece hanging there (post coming soon). And no, I did not choose the wall color.

I have about four regular workstations throughout the house.

1) This drawing studio/office

2) downstairs “mess” studio

3) kitchen table is the felting area (we don’t eat there anyways) – working on Mandala #2 there

4) mini-station and hanging wall near the couch in the living room, mainly for hand-sewing or other hand-techniques – working on 2nd wall vessel (first one here)  & Mandala #1 hangs there

So if you’re thinking, wow, she just kind of takes over the whole house, yeah, well, ok, it’s true. If artists are good at this, then I am functioning at the stage of “pure awesome.” 🙂

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