Finished Work – Untitled

After rather detailed postings on the making of this piece, here is the finished result. I may make a smaller companion piece for the show. Not sure…

I’m still struggling with the title. I can’t find succint words to describe the meaning. The overall forms are flower-like, yes, but the  materials, silk and wool, are derived from animals. I see them as somewhat Venus Flytrap like. The tendrils absorb energy from the environment, like some sort of osmosis, capillary action, etc. Haven’t decided if they absorb only positive or negative energy, or if it’s just dependent on one’s mood at the time, but somehow, I see them being a bit greedy. These are just musing, of course. I’m trying to find more meaningful words for “Energy Suckers.” Ha. Final Dimensions: 36x12x4″ Materials: silk, wet-felted shetland wool, oil sticks, acrylic on panel

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