Technology – I have thwarted thee.

My sewing machine did not come with free motion capabilities. But it has it now!! A little advice read, a random machine foot bought, and a little jerry rigging done and ta-da!


So what, you say? So HUGE, I say. Free motion is exactly what it sounds like. Otherwise, the machine feeds the fabric forwards and backwards and that’s it. To change direction, you have to lift a lever and turn the fabric for every little thing, which makes detailed or “drawing-like” sewing unfeasable. The work I want to do on that silk textured fabric I made (you can see a little bit of it in the corner of the above pic) will be made easier as I can now move the fabric any which way, how, and time I please. I have been thinking about how to rig this for weeks. The biggest problem was that the machine is so basic, the manufactuer doesn’t make any sort of free motion feet for it. I had to buy a “generic” foot and hope it worked.

And for the record, the way most people react when their ‘sports ball’ team scores a goal, yeah, that is exactly how I reacted last night when I put this all together and it worked. Not kidding. I have a witness.

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