Process – Using Embellisher to Texturize Silk

A toy on loan from the farm that I’m just now really getting to use, an embellisher is a needle felting machine. It looks just like a sewing machine, except instead of sewing needles, you guessed it, there are felting needles. I played around with some samples and here is the configuration I’m using for the base fabric created below. Like any quilter would do, I am using a “sandwich.” My sandwich consists of: base layer of commercial felt, low loft fusible batting (fused only to felt layer), and silk (from Dharma Trading Co.)

Running the fabric in parallel vertical rows, I keep a somewhat slow, steady pace as it’s easy to over do it.


This a sample I was playing with with some of the stitched details added.

Here is somewhat of a detail of the texturized fabric. It’s very difficult to photograph this shiny silk, but the texture is wonderful in person! This is now the base fabric for an all-white piece that may or may not complement the acrylic painting in progress. Won’t know til everything is done and I can see how it all looks. They might not work together at all!

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