Process – fun with felt and oil sticks!

 In the first post for this piece, I showed a picture of a test with tendrils that were felted with natural white and black wool, but didn’t feel that the white of the silk worked with that.  Just for fun, my mom and I took an Art Institute class in October that used oil sticks (Shiva is a common brand) to create pattern on silk. I had seen oil sticks before, but had never thought of them outside of the realm of painting. Oddly enough, the teacher of the class had never heard of them used on anything else than fabric. I, of course, wanted to try them out on felt.

Luckily for me, the store was out of titanium white, which is what I would have gravitated to, because the antique white is just the right color.

I sort of  roll the oil on, which keeps the felt smooth. I then blend the color and work a bit of the color up the tendril to get a smooth transition.




Repeat, repeat, repeat.


 After letting these dry out for a couple of days, I’ll wrap each tendril in parchment paper and heat set the oil with an iron.

And this is where they’re headed…


2 Replies to “Process – fun with felt and oil sticks!”

  1. This never happens, but I’m practically using everything I learned in that class: the fusing, the yo-yos, and the oil sticks.

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