Work in Progress – silk yoyos anyone?

I like to have a few pieces going on at the same time, so here’s another one I’ve been working on. These are silk “yoyos,” as they are called, fused to acrylic felt and stitched. They’re not attached to this panel (an old piece I gessoed over) at the moment, as the next step is to felt 50 or so tendrils that will be inserted in the centers of the yoyos, as in one of the sample pics below. I’ll probably make the tendrils all black though. Not sure the white of the silk and natural fleece really gel.

Testing out the composition. 36" x 12"
Shiny! (Silk from Dharma Trading Co.)
I made a few sample boards trying out different variations of the "yoyo" with tendrils.
I do a lot of thumbnail sketching to work out composition.

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