Twas a crafty Christmas – felted and stitched bracelets

The idea for felted bangles was not my own. I saw them in Felt Jewelry: 25 Pieces to Make Using a Variety of Simple Felting Techniques and thought it would be a simple, but fun present to make. You simply felt a smallish area of wool and cut out the shape you need. But then I had the leftover cutouts for the wrists and I hate waste. Since I was working with somewhat contrasting colors, I used the waste as linear details. Made it more time consuming, but it made it more my own and added a nice detail. Wanting to play with variation, I purposefully made them slightly different shapes and sizes. Need to work on the cleanliness of my machine stitching, but that will come with practice.

Wet felted merino wool, stitched
wet felted shetland and merino wools, stitched

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