Study in acrylic

Sketch in acrylic - interpretation of celosia, aka. coxcomb

Haven’t posted in a while, so I thought I’d post a little acrylic sketch I did last night. I think it’s a little fuzzy being taken from my phone, but I still like it. I’m starting to work on pieces for my show in April at the Lyric Opera House, so this was a study for a small piece I hope to start this weekend. It’s in acrylic rather than my usual colored pencil. Though I usually meticulously plan things out and don’t really like to paint, it was really satisfying.

I’m using Golden Open Acrylics, a newish product with a very long working time in comparison to traditional acrylics. I got a free CD from Golden through American Artist’s Artist Daily newsletter and was easily swayed. Solves what I didn’t like about acrylics without having to work with smelly oil paints that require solvents (I’m not knocking the value of oils as a medium, but it’s just not for me). It’s really versatile stuff. In fact, I need to buy an off-white color today. The finished piece will hopefully be a diptych, with a second panel of embellished & stitched silk. The titanium white here just doesn’t mesh with the natural white of silk.

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