Third Friday Open Studio, KC Star, Prototype Update

Well, this is kind of three posts in one. So, here we go:

#1: Don’t forget this is Third Friday, so Urban Culture Project sites are open 6-9. Of course, that includes the Bonfils Artist Studios, so I will be arting it up during that time. Stop by if you’re in the area!

Bonfils Artist Studios / 125 E. 12th St., KCMO
(corner of 12th & Grand, one bldg. west of the NAIA)

#2: I may have a small blurb and picture in this Sunday’s KC Star Arts section concerning an Inspiration Grant I was recently awarded from the KC Arts Fund. I haven’t really announced the grant yet, since there is an issue with the venue at the moment. It looks like the article is really going forward, but I’m counting it as certain until I see the thing. 🙂 So look for me this Sunday in the The Star!

#3 Progress, progress, progress
Here are some images of the work I did last weekend down at the farm. Being the girly girl I am, I asked for a bed extension accessory for my lathe as an early birthday present. I wouldn’t have been able to turn the plaster without it. Anyways, I was definitely scared that it wasn’t going to work, and while, of course, there are issues, it went as well as I could have hoped.

I know I promised a painting update, but I had to spend last Friday dealing with a car and its misbehaving alternator. So hopefully I can make some headway this Friday. And maybe get a new little one started….??


3 Replies to “Third Friday Open Studio, KC Star, Prototype Update”

  1. More blogs! More blogs! More blogs!

    So yeah, I’d appreciate it if you’d blog more. I like watching what you have going on! Such unique stuff.

  2. Yes, mam’
    I’ve been taking pics, but lately the time when I normally post blogs has been eaten up.

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