Studio Christening Pics

A little late, but here are some pics of the studio christening about two weeks ago, as well as reveling afterwards. As my family religiously believes in good food, my mom made a bunch of awesome, organic food fresh from the family farm. You gotta love moms. I, of course, supplied the Boulevard & Guiness. We hung out til about 11pm, then hit up JP’s Wine Bar (where we made some hi-larious and awesome friends and we even got a serenade) and later went out dancing. I think we can chalk it up to a success. To everyone who missed out, sorry, but you really did miss out. We rocked the night…

UCP Studio
getting ready
getting ready some more
all my peeps
JP Wine Bar 1
JP Wine Bar 2

One Reply to “Studio Christening Pics”

  1. I’m so bummed I missed it! Glad you had an awesome christening, though, and am loving the new work! ~Cheers~

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