The First of Many…

Welcome to what I hope will be an important part of this site. The point of this blog is to dispell the myth that I simply disappear into an arty abyss between exhibitions. Here, I will also be posting works in progress, which will provide greater insight into my processes and thinking. For those following my work, you will also be getting the first preview of pieces yet to see their first show. I will also be posting updates on new exhibits and projects as they happen, making this blog the best way to stay up-to-date with what I’m up to. Comments, questions, criticism, and advice are always welcome and I hope to make this blog an active place for discussion. So let’s begin, shall we? 🙂

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Well, apparently, I get to start this blog with great news. I’ve recently been accepted into the Urban Culture Project’s Studio Residency program. So I now have a free studio space for a year and I move in this weekend!

For those of you who don’t know, “the Urban Culture Project transforms empty spaces in the core of downtown Kansas City into dynamic arts venues. UCP pairs local artist with architects to transform vacant storefront spaces into vibrant sites with high-quality, challenging exhibitions of contemporary art, live performances, cross-disciplinary events, and studio residencies. UCP’s Third Friday monthly events feature exhibition openings and events at all the spaces, drawing significant crowds and vital activity to the downtown loop.”

So that means every Third Friday, I will be having an Open Studio from 6-9 at Bonfils, 125 East 12th Street, KCMO, 64106. Thus, I logically conclude that my first Open Studio in my studio should be a party/christening (though there will be no smashing of bottles; I think they look down on that). So write it down folks:

The Studio Christening
Friday, April 18th
6 – 9pm (though knowing my friends, ???) 🙂
Bonfils Artist Studios
125 East 12th St., KCMO 64106
(just west of 12th & Grand)

For those who remember the Scott Fitness party, there will be similar libations, though maybe not in such quantity. So feel free to bring “refreshments,” but we have to keep it in the building. Let’s not get me kicked out on the first go. A good plan, I think.

So come help me celebrate the fact that I now have room to work!!

2 Replies to “The First of Many…”

  1. Hey lady!

    Congrats on getting the space! I expect to see all kinds of studio pics, opening pics, and in-progress shots on this blog. Or, at least I *hope* to see all that kind of stuff here.

    Welcome to the bloggosphere!

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